011159AF-5922-4736-AB16-9A7BF2BFC049Joining Us

Step 1

LContact us so we can have a chat and arrange a interview and temperament test for your dog.
This is a lot of fun for your canine and you both get to meet the team, and your dog some new friends. These tests are £10 each dog. We will ask you lots of questions about your dog before you leave it for the trial session.

Step 2

If your dog passes the first part of the temperament test we will then take your dog for the trial introduction for one hour in our bespoke centre.

Step 3

To make sure your dog gets a nice warm welcome on its first big day at day care we will arrange the most suitable time scale for introducing your dog to the pack. We always provide a tailored trial day to match your dogs temperament so we gain trust straight away and build there confidence.

step 4

Your dog will be welcome to DogDays Day Care Centre as much as you would like!