Is Your Dog Bred For More Exciting Things Than An Empty House?

With our busy lives there is often a four legged friend left at home – Dog Day care is your solution.

Here at Dog Days dog day care centre we provide a safe and secure environment for your fur baby offering 24 hours CCTV surveillance of your dogs day (which you can also view live at any point in our reception.) We take on all dog breeds that pass our unique temperament assessment.

Dog day care is not just for dogs who’s owners who can not be there for them whilst they work. Day care is for anyone, whether it be you are at home with your dog but simply want your k9 best friend exercised, socialised more or simply just to have fun in our bespoke play centre, or those who suffer with separation anxiety and getting them used to being away from home. Day care is a positive solution for everyone.
Other helpful reasons to have day care……Have to nip to the shops for a hour or so ? meet a friend for coffee? but don’t want to leave your fur baby alone or want your beloved pooch to have fun whilst your away in a safe environment? have you even got a dog that you do not like to let off the lead unless in a secure area? Want your best friend to have a free run somewhere safe? We can offer this peace of mind for you in our highly secured centre.

Our staff are all completely dog mad & we all absolutely adore all the dogs we have at our centre, we want to take them all home! All staff are qualified to care for the dogs at DogDays so you can rest assured your pups in good hands! All our qualifications ,insurances & council licencing can be seen on our wall in our reception. We have three amazing dog crazy staff members.

Established in 2013 with 5 star top reviews from our lovely kind customers who have used DogDays makes us the most elite and longest running day care in the area. We have a fabulous fab page where we advertise most of our fantastic work & also Instagram so you can keep up to date with what your pup and their friends get up too at our bespoke centre!